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Don’t Lose Any More Leads Due To Technology Mistakes

By June 27, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

Late in 2020, I got an email from a client saying “I haven’t gotten leads in my inbox in over a month”. This was a shock as this client is in the wedding industry and normally gets leads daily if not multiple leads a day. Naturally, I was surprised to hear this and jumped into the website and went to the tool that is trusted by thousands of websites called Ninja Forms and I saw lots of leads coming in every day. This was terrible news for the client because they had missed out on so many leads just because they didn’t get an email from Ninja Forms.

What Is Happening to The Emails? 

The same thing is happening to more and more of our clients now that we are in 2022 – higher email server security. 

As you can imagine in 2020 everything went digital in a powerful way, and with all the commotion, most major email servers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc updated their security levels. The main update that they were trying to add was security against spam.

What are spam emails?

Spam emails are junk emails with links that put viruses on your computer. Spam is bad, and no one wants it. It is not easy to identify spam emails except to say – if an email has the same content over and over again in the same format it is spam. This was a good move for them and their users as it added a layer of protection but was not good for website contact forms.

Why Are My Customer Contact Forms Going to Spam?

The content within the emails you are being sent is the same format and wording in each email. Because of this, the email server thinks it’s just another spam email. Yikes! Now, as you can see I professionally think this means the end is coming for contact forms like Ninja Forms that send emails from a website. The future is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that delivers customer emails and a high level of authority for their customers.

How To Get More Leads And Avoid Spam

Now that we have a full understanding of what was happening and made changes, our client is happily receiving emails with their lead information. However, the reason I’m writing this article today is that this problem is getting worse and more clients have called me with concerns about emails not being received from contact forms. So, we must find a new way to make sure the emails are getting to the inbox. Now remember, the website is sending the email, but the email servers like Gmail and Yahoo are not receiving them because they are mistaking them for spam. Therefore, you need to set up a contact form that sends reputable emails or text messages when a lead fills out the form. 

So how do we advise our clients to move forward? Three easy steps:
1.  Sign up for a reputable CRM software.
2.  Setup your new contact form on your website.
3.  Keep the leads flowing in!

Who is a reputable CRM (Customer Relationship Management software)?

We highly recommend Rocketfuel ($399/month) as the best CRM on the market, and we are partners with them. We once used Hubspot($800/month) and they are ok, but we just think they are overpriced once you turn on all the needed features. There are others, but just make sure you use one that can deliver reputable emails.  If all you want is a contact form and nothing else, email me, and I will set you up with the special from Rocketfuel where you get contact forms with email and/or text notification for only $49/month. This is a great price to start on an amazing platform!

You worked hard to get leads to your website, now make sure you get notified when leads come in – every time!