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Meet the Team

We’re blessed to have some of the most innovative and committed leaders guiding our agency.

Clay Vaughan

C.E.O/ Founder at Good Agency

Marketing your business is hard, which is why for the past 15 years Clay Vaughan has successfully served business leaders in marketing their business and sharing their stories. As a certified StoryBrand guide, he has worked with brands big and small, to clarify their message, engage their customers, and grow their businesses. Clay owns multiple businesses, he is the founder of Reverent Wedding Films- a multi-million dollar business, and even has his own podcast called Good Business, where he inspires business leaders to continue their pursuit of success while still maintaining their values. Clay has been a business coach and guide to many entrepreneurs, helping them reach their goals, and he loves serving new business leaders.

Account Advisor

Abby R.

At Good Agency, we believe in more than just delivering services to our clients – we aim to be their partners in growth. As an Account Advisor, Abigail plays a pivotal role in this partnership by identifying our clients' unique needs and crafting and executing winning plans that set the foundation for their success. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, Abigail is there from the initial stages of strategizing to the evolving landscape of changing needs. She will be there every step of the way after, providing valuable guidance and insights.
Graphic Designer

Casey P.

Your website is more than an online presence, it's a powerful tool that can significantly benefit your brand. However, creating a website that is visually appealing, aligns with your StoryBrand message, and converts visitors into customers can be challenging. As an Associate Designer, Casey can help you bring your brand's aesthetic to life through beautiful web and graphic design that is focused on StoryBrand narration, user conversion, and your unique brand identity. She creates stunning graphic content that is seamlessly tailored to your business's specific needs.

Catherine M.

As a Junior Copywriter at Good Agency, Catherine enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing by wordsmithing in today's AI and SEO-saturated landscape. With her background in the English language and writing, she has embraced the marketing world with a natural bent toward crafting strategic narratives. Catherine's focus extends beyond creating winning copy to also shaping messages that deeply resonate with audiences.
Commercial Photographer

Daniel C.

Good photography is essential to creating a strong visual identity for your website. Visitors to your site will process images up to 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information transmitted to their brains will be visual. That's why it's so important to have high-quality, professional photos that accurately represent your brand. Our director of photography, Daniel, has years of experience in the industry and knows how to capture stunning images that will grab attention and convey the message you want to communicate. He has a keen eye for detail and understands the importance of lighting and composition in creating beautiful photos.
Creative Director

Daniel M.

Video production is more important than ever for your business to grow. As a certified StoryBrand guide, Daniel shares your brand’s story through visual and audio content. Daniel creates, directs, and develops multimedia content for customer stories, external promotional social videos, product marketing videos, recruiting videos, corporate training, and other enterprise-wide projects.
Senior Developer

Franklin D.

Building a StoryBrand website is hard, templates don’t have what it takes, and contracting a website builder to fit the StoryBrand Framework is hard to find. Frank has over 7 years of experience in building websites, creating cutting-edge technology solutions, and a seamless experience for all of our clients.
Chief Operating Officer

James H.

We know that you want a marketing agency that understands your needs and creates strategies that produce results. James is a founding member of the leadership team, a certified StoryBrand guide, and is responsible for day-to-day operations at Good Agency. He leads an amazing team of highly talented individuals while also implementing processes that ensure excellent customer experiences throughout all steps within this process. James strives to take initiative to solve problems and drive growth for the clients that he serves.
SEO Strategist

Jose P.

At Good Agency, Jose Ponce Jr. brings a wealth of experience and a passion for driving digital success. As our SEO Strategist, Jose is the guiding force behind crafting and executing innovative SEO strategies that not only attract visitors but also convert them into loyal customers. With over a decade in the SEO space and a unique blend of technical SEO and StoryBrand marketing expertise, Jose has a proven track record of transforming digital landscapes. His approach involves crafting tailored SEO plans and ensuring seamless execution for maximum impact. Jose collaborates closely with our Production team, providing expert guidance and hands-on support to drive results. Outside of his professional endeavors, Jose is a proud husband, father, and active community member. He is committed to continuous growth and excellence, always staying at the forefront of industry trends to deliver outstanding results for our clients.
Graphic Designer

Kendall M.

As a graphic designer at Good Agency, Kendall is passionate about working with clients to amplify their missions through compelling visual storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to delivering impactful designs, Kendall is committed to crafting visually stunning solutions that resonate with audiences and inspire action. With a background rooted in working with non-profit clients, Kendall is adept at translating ideas into visually engaging graphics that effectively communicate the essence of any cause.
Marketing Specialist

Kendra V.

Marketing is critical to the success of any business. It helps to create awareness of your product or service, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales. Kendra is a certified StoryBrand guide and an expert at bringing clarity to your marketing. She helps design, create, and oversee marketing projects that are tailored to each individual business. This may include a multi-platform marketing campaign, advertising, promotions, and sales. With her expertise, businesses can reach their target audience and achieve their desired results.
Chief Growth Officer

Luke F.

We think we know the impact of our story, until we talk to those who are impacted; then the story changes. Luke has spent the past 10 years in the worlds of marketing, psychology, and brand strategy. He has history in founding non-profits and for profits all centered around clarifying business stories to help profit and people grow. As a certified StoryBrand guide, he has worked with businesses all over the world to clarify their message and build better cultures. Luke is a proud father, husband, and friend to those in need. He aims to see everyone live out their best God-given story.
Account Manager

Mariam G.

Mariam G. is a proficient Account Manager known for her exceptional client relationship skills and strategic account management. In her role, Mariam oversees a diverse portfolio of clients, ensuring their needs are met and their expectations exceeded. She excels in building and maintaining strong client relationships, managing project timelines, and coordinating with internal teams to deliver outstanding results. Mariam's ability to understand client objectives and translate them into actionable plans has consistently driven client satisfaction and retention. Her dedication to providing personalized service and her keen attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to her team and clients.
SEO Specialist

Rayne G.

Rayne is a dedicated Junior SEO Specialist passionate about optimizing websites in today's dynamic digital landscape. She excels at driving significant improvements in website visibility and performance through keyword research and technical SEO. Rayne develops and executes comprehensive SEO strategies, collaborates with web developers to implement technical recommendations, and conducts thorough website audits to resolve issues and enhance user experience. Her focus on optimizing website structure ensures proper indexing and accessibility, contributing to consistently delivering exceptional results and driving meaningful engagement.
Video Producer

Scott D.

The quality of your photos can make or break a website design and your marketing strategies. High-quality images provide better user experience and improve user engagement. They also increase the conversion rate, which is essential for your business to grow. Scott, our Production Director has years of experience in capturing high-quality images and editing photos that will help make your business stand out from the rest.
Studio Assistant

Stephen C.

As a Studio Assistant, Stephen plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes. From caring for camera gear to editing photos and videos, he supports the team in delivering quality content marketing. With a passion for impacting the world for good, he thrives as a team player, working diligently to help businesses grow and expand their brand through compelling storytelling and impactful visuals.

As our team continues to grow, we seek motivated individuals who are excited about the opportunity to serve you and your business.

We are proud of what we do, and how we do it, and we want to share it with you. Schedule a call today, and learn more about how we can help clarify your message and grow your business.