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Filmmaking for Freedom: Ending Human Trafficking with Kyle Rogers & Clay Vaughan

By February 26, 2024March 13th, 2024No Comments
Kyle Rogers Good Business Podcast

Filmmaking for Freedom: Ending Human Trafficking with Kyle Rogers & Clay Vaughan

Kyle Rogers

Founder & Executive Producer | Jyra Films

In this episode of the Good Business podcast, host Clay Vaughan engages in an enlightening conversation with Kyle Rogers, the founder and executive producer at Jyra Films. Rogers shares his remarkable journey from commercial filmmaking to producing impactful narratives that serve social causes, particularly focusing on his latest project, “The Rabbit Hole,” which addresses human trafficking. His story is one of passion, perseverance, and the power of storytelling to bring about change.

“You can be under-equipped, not know all that you need to know, be stumbling through trying to find solutions, but when you’re working to serve others and to serve a cause… there’s a different force that comes into play that helps bring that together.”


Show Notes

What We Talked About

This episode of “Good Business” features a deep dive into Kyle Rogers’ transition from commercial filmmaking to creating narratives that spotlight social issues, particularly human trafficking. Rogers shares the inception, challenges, and ultimate success of his short film, “The Rabbit Hole,” produced for SOS International. He details the unexpected journey of the film’s creation, from initial concept through to its critical acclaim, including a win at the Cannes Film Festival. Rogers’ story is a testament to the impact of storytelling in mobilizing resources and attention towards pressing global issues.

Key Moments

[00:00] Introduction and background of Kyle Rogers
[01:21] Overview of Kyle’s career and the foundation of Jyra Films
[02:13] The mission and vision behind Jyra Films
[03:06] The unexpected success of “The Rabbit Hole”
[10:40] The pivotal moments of faith and determination in the project’s journey
[13:57] The significant impact and recognition of “The Rabbit Hole”
[15:28] How the film’s success has influenced Jyra Films’ direction
[19:00] Kyle’s transformative experience in Cambodia and shift towards nonprofit work
[25:41] The strategic pivot back to commercial work to support nonprofit initiatives
[28:27] Discussing the role of an Executive Producer and leading with purpose
[34:19] Advice for filmmakers and nonprofit leaders looking to make an impact
[37:20] Future aspirations for Kyle Rogers and Jyra Films

Want More?

For those interested in the transformative power of filmmaking and its role in addressing human trafficking, you can discover more about Kyle Rogers’ work and Jyra Films at Their dedication to crafting compelling narratives that initiate change is truly inspiring. Listeners interested in the intersection of creativity, social impact, and the detailed journey behind “The Rabbit Hole” will find motivation and guidance in Kyle’s story. Here is the direct link to watch the film!


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Clay Vaughan

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