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The Strategy Behind the Jesus Film Project with Rick and Jules Levy & Clay Vaughan

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The strategy behind the Jesus Film Project with Rick and Jules Levy

The Strategy Behind The Jesus Film Project with Rick and Jules Levy

Rick and Jules Levy

Filmmakers | “The Jesus Film Project

In this special episode of the Good Business podcast, host Clay Vaughan dives deep with Rick and Jules, pivotal figures at the Jesus Film Project, exploring their transformative journey from leading advertising agencies to embracing digital evangelism through the medium of film. They detail the strategic use of storytelling and technology to spark conversations about faith across the globe, including a groundbreaking digital campaign during Ramadan that successfully reached millions. A significant part of their mission includes the Film Academy, an innovative initiative aimed at equipping aspiring filmmakers with the skills to produce culturally relevant content that resonates deeply within diverse communities. This in-depth discussion not only highlights the impactful work of the Jesus Film Project but also illuminates the power of film as a tool for global evangelism.

“The ads reach well over 7 million people. We had 5,000 people respond. And in one month, in closed countries, 233 people came to Christ.”


Show Notes

What We Talked About

In this episode of “Good Business,” hosts welcome Rick and Jules to discuss their journey from running their own advertising agency to joining the Jesus Film Project, a ministry leveraging films to facilitate gospel conversations worldwide. They delve into the strategic use of digital platforms and local talents to create culturally relevant short films, aiming to initiate discussions about faith in hard-to-reach countries.  The conversation also touches on the future of digital evangelism, the importance of high-quality content, and the personal dynamics of working in ministry as a married couple. The episode highlights the innovative ways the Jesus Film Project combines technology, storytelling, and faith to spread the gospel, along with opportunities for filmmakers to contribute to their mission.

Key Moments

[0:00] Introduction
[00:36] Guests Rick and Jules’ involvement with Jesus Film Project
[02:00] Rick’s journey to Jesus Film Project from college to closing their ad agency
[05:31] Motivation behind joining Jesus Film Project
[10:35] Use of local talent for film production
[11:42] Creating short films for gospel conversations
[15:16] Process of creating high-quality films
[17:05] Staff backgrounds and ministry opportunities during film productions
[19:03] Film distribution for evangelism
[23:32] Digital campaigns’ effectiveness during Ramadan
[27:12] Embracing new technologies for evangelism
[29:33] Impact of Jesus Film in Africa, use of technology in response management
[32:15] Lessons from working together in ministry
[35:32] Future perspectives on ministry work and technology in evangelism
[41:31] Engagement opportunities with Jesus Film Project

Want More?

For more information on getting involved or learning about the Film Academy, visit This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone passionate about film, technology, and faith-based outreach. For more insightful episodes on enhancing business and entrepreneurship practices through effective strategies, visit Good Agency.


Good Business Podcast | Clay Vaughan

This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to advance the Kingdom of God through filmmaking. Whether you are a business leader seeking to navigate everyday negotiations or a creative person looking for ways to engage the gospel more in culture, the Good Business Podcast is here to equip you.

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