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Negotiation Made Simple with John Lowry & Clay Vaughan

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Negotiation Made Simple with John Lowry & Clay Vaughan

Dr. John Lowry

Author | “Negotiation Made Simple”

This episode features an insightful conversation between host Clay Vaughan and Dr. John Lowry, the author of “Negotiation Made Simple.” Dr. Lowry, a seasoned lawyer and negotiation expert, shares his journey from practicing law to mastering the art of negotiation, emphasizing its significance in both personal and professional settings. The discussion delves into the critical aspects of negotiation, including managing oneself, understanding the competitive and cooperative elements, and the importance of preparation. Dr. Lowry’s approach to negotiation focuses on strategic communication to solve problems and secure deals, highlighting the power of empathy and strategic thinking in reaching durable agreements. The podcast also explores common pitfalls in negotiation, especially for business leaders, and offers practical advice for applying negotiation skills in everyday life to improve relationships and achieve success.

Connect with John

“He taught me a really important lesson. He sat me down one time, and he said, John, you can’t do good business with bad people. And so the first thing that you’ve got to look at in terms of doing business with people is make sure they’re good people, because that leads to good business.”


Show Notes

What We Talked About

  • Introduction of Dr. John Lowry, an expert in negotiation and author.
  • The importance of doing business with good people.
  • Dr. Lowry’s background as a lawyer and how it led him to focus on negotiation.
  • The journey of writing his book, “Negotiation Made Simple,” including overcoming challenges in adapting negotiation teaching from interactive courses to a book format.
  • Insights into effective negotiation, including managing oneself, understanding competitive and cooperative aspects of negotiation, and the significance of preparation.

Key Moments

[0:35] Introduction of Dr. John Lowry, author of “Negotiation Made Simple.”
[0:56] Lesson learned from a Texan about good business practices.
[1:38] Lowry’s background in law and its influence on his focus on negotiation.
[3:11] Inspiration and challenges in writing the book.
[6:16] Book’s structure, focusing on self-management, negotiation aspects, and preparation.
[10:17] Applying negotiation skills daily in personal and professional life.
[13:20] Common negotiation pitfalls for business leaders and focusing on process.
[16:00] The issue with positional bargaining and the shift to understanding motives.
[18:45] The role of empathy and strategic communication.
[22:20] Advice for leaders on improving negotiation skills and staying calm under pressure.
[28:12] Captain Sully’s Hudson River landing story and effective decision-making.
[30:17] Encouragement to apply negotiation skills broadly for improvement.

Want More?

Listeners interested in deepening their negotiation skills and learning more about Dr. Lowry’s work can find additional resources and training options at Thrivence and access the online course at Business Made Simple. For more insightful episodes on enhancing business practices through ethical and effective strategies, visit Good Agency.

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Good Business Podcast | Clay Vaughan

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their negotiation skills, from business leaders to individuals seeking to navigate everyday negotiations more effectively.

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