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Turn Political Cycles into Marketing Gold for Your Small Business with Cathy Landtroop & Clay Vaughan

By March 5, 2024March 13th, 2024No Comments
Turn Political Cycles into Marketing Gold for Your Small Business with Cathy Landtroop and CLay Vaughan

Turn Political Cycles into Marketing Gold for Your Small Business with Cathy Landtroop and Clay Vaughan

Cathy Landtroop

Chief Marketing Officer | Vista Bank

In this episode of the Good Business podcast, host Clay Vaughan engages in a fascinating conversation with Cathy Landtroop, a seasoned marketing expert and the Chief Marketing Officer at Vista Bank. Cathy shares her unique journey from starting her own marketing agency, Landtroop Strategies, without a formal degree in marketing to building a seven-figure agency that played pivotal roles in political campaigns, corporate development, and even international representation. Her story is a testament to the power of storytelling, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to helping others succeed.

Connect with Cathy

“Helping other people win…is the definition of marketing, really, if you simplify it.”


Show Notes

What We Talked About

This episode of “Good Business” features Cathy Landtroop, who dives into her extensive experience in marketing, politics, and now banking, revealing insights into how strategic marketing and understanding political cycles can significantly impact business success. Cathy’s narrative illustrates her unconventional path to marketing success, emphasizing the role of tenacity, strategic risk-taking, and the importance of aligning with people’s values and stories to foster genuine connections and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Key Moments

[00:00] Intro
[01:02] Cathy’s unconventional journey into marketing
[04:43] Transition from political to corporate and nonprofit marketing
[07:41] Personal involvement in politics
[09:53] Impact of political cycles on marketing strategies
[14:58] Effective marketing strategies in saturated political cycles
[18:13] Successful influencer marketing case study
[20:40] Challenges with influencer media and marketing alignment
[23:12] Navigating marketing through political cycles with humor and relevance
[28:26] Cathy’s commitment to making an impact and advocating for freedom
[34:45] Advice for business leaders and agency owners considering political engagement

Want More?

Dive into the conversation to discover how you can turn political cycles into marketing gold for your small business with Cathy Landtroop. To learn more about how Vista Bank can support your business ambitions, visit Vista Bank. For more insightful episodes on business, entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership, visit Good Agency’s podcast page.


Good Business Podcast | Clay Vaughan

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the profound effects of strategic marketing, political engagement, and leadership on business success and societal change. Featuring Cathy Landtroop’s remarkable journey and insights, it offers valuable lessons for business leaders, marketers, and anyone eager to understand how to navigate the complexities of marketing in politically charged times. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an experienced marketer, or someone interested in the intersection of business and politics, the Good Business Podcast provides valuable insights and strategies for success.

Clay Vaughan

Author Clay Vaughan

Clay Vaughan is the host of the weekly podcast, Good Business, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and CEO of Good Agency, a full-service marketing agency in Austin, Texas. Clay is commonly sought after by businesses looking to break through growth ceilings and achieve the success they hope for.

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