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Leading Your Organization through Crisis with Jose Abaroa and Clay Vaughan

By March 26, 2024No Comments
Leading Your Organization through Crisis with Jose Abaroa and Clay Vaughan

Leading Your Organization through Crisis with Jose Abaroa and Clay Vaughan

Jose Abaroa

Lead Pastor | Cypress Creek Church

In this episode of the Good Business podcast, host Clay Vaughan sits down with Jose Abaroa, lead pastor at Cypress Creek Church. They dive into the challenges and triumphs of leading a church through times of crisis and the shift towards digital outreach. Jose shares insights from his journey, emphasizing the importance of servant leadership, community engagement, and adapting to change.

“One of the biggest lessons is that we really aren’t in control of so much.”


Show Notes

What We Talked About

This episode of “Good Business” features a heartfelt discussion with Jose Abaroa on leading Cypress Creek Church through the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics include the transition to digital services, fostering community through technology, and lessons in humility and leadership during crises.

Key Moments

[00:00] Introduction to the episode
[00:27] Jose Abaroa’s background and move to leadership
[03:20] Adopting technology in church operations
[04:55] The role of digital outreach in church growth
[06:52] Leadership lessons from coding and Amazon
[14:44] Servant leadership and its development
[16:37] Stewardship in leadership roles
[22:41] The importance of seeking help and counseling
[25:05] Prioritizing family over leadership roles
[27:48] Being faithful in what you’re given

Want More?

If you enjoyed hearing Jose’s message,  consider exploring Cypress Creek Church’s series messages to dive deeper into living out their mission to “Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples” in the community and beyond. It’s a resource rich with wisdom for anyone looking to enrich their spiritual journey and leadership skills.


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