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The Importance of A Good Backend Developer

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Have you ever gone to a gorgeous website and clicked a link, only for the “404 Error” page to come up? Or have you gone to a different page and been forced to wait for thirty seconds just for the page to load? They completely ruin the strong first impression you got from the homepage, don’t they? That is because websites like this did not invest enough, if at all, into finding a good backend developer for their website.

A common mistake many in the marketing industry make when creating a website for their brand is focusing all of their money on the aesthetics of the website. While website aesthetics and website copy do play an important role in an effective website, your website will face a huge disadvantage if you skip out on finding a good backend developer.

What Is a Backend Developer?

As the name suggests, a backend developer is responsible for the “back end” of the website. The back end is essentially the brain of your website. From functionality to power, the back end is largely responsible for everything on the website except for the part the customer sees. When you have a good backend developer in your corner, your website will work smoothly, work securely, and bring in more customers.

How will a developer make the website smoother?

One of the most underrated aspects of a website is how smooth it runs. In 2021, 53% of internet users abandoned a page if it took more than three seconds to load. That means you could have the prettiest website with the best messaging, and it could all be for nothing if your website has slow loading times, or crashes routinely. With a good backend developer, you won’t have to worry if your website will work on a day-to-day basis. You won’t have to wait ten seconds for the site to load every time you enter a new page.

Anatomy of a Conversion-Optimized Web Page

How do developers make the site more secure?

The highest priority for a backend developer is the security of your website. Some hackers will attempt to get into your site to get the information off any credit card tied to your site, some even place malware on your site to trouble you and everyone else who visits your site. Though website hosts like WordPress have some security measurements, they aren’t perfect. With so many hackers constantly looking for vulnerabilities and ways to exploit your website, having someone dedicated to ensuring your website doesn’t get hacked is vital for the future of your website. Backend Developers can help you develop more robust security that will keep your site safe.

How will a developer bring in more customers?

Did you know Google runs consistent scans to decide which websites move up and down on the search engine? And did you know backend developers play a huge role in getting the most successful websites to the top of the search pages?

According to SEMRush, websites were graded by Google based on their website visits, the time spent on the site, the pages visited per session, and the bounce rate. All of these factors are tied under one umbrella term: user experience. 

In order to create a strong user experience on the backend, developers will run scans to ensure there are no broken links in the website and ensure the page speed and functionality are optimized. If the site runs fast, doesn’t crash, doesn’t have any broken links, and is able to get the customer where they need to go with no problems, the user experience will skyrocket and so will your position on the search pages.

Backend developers run the brain of your website. From optimizing the speed and functionality to bringing in more customers through the google search pages, backend developers are vital to the success of your website and your business as a whole. 

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